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SHINE (School Health Implementation Network in the Eastern Mediterranean Region) is a regional collaboration to address the challenges of implementing school-based child mental health programs in countries under the World Health Organization’s Eastern Mediterranean Region Office (EMRO).

SHINE is a part of Global Mental Health Research Hubs funded by National Institute of Mental Health USA to the University of Liverpool, UK

SHINE aims to facilitate the delivery of school-based child mental health services in the EMR by:

  • Conducting implementation research on the scale up of School Mental Health Program (SMHP) in Pakistan, and translating research outputs for Iran, Jordan, UAE and Egypt.
  • Developing a collaborative network of institutions, researchers, policy partners and community stakeholders engaged in implementing child mental health with a focus upon the SMHP.
  • Building the capacity of the network in implementation research in child mental health.
Latest Updates

SHINE 2nd Annual Meeting